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This blog, along with my published writings, rests on the belief in human equality, that all people are of equal worth. It explores the many ramifications of this belief in our personal lives, our politics, our social interactions, our culture and our view of the world. While our democracy was founded on the belief in human equality as stated in the Declaration of Independence, our society reflects that belief only partially and in some respects, not at all. There is much more work to be done.

Some of this blog will contain pointed political comments, responses to editorials and articles, and commentary on moving beyond where we are.

It also includes an extended educational series on The Corporation so that we can better understand what corporations are and the roles they play. Chances are, this is something you did not study in college. I have been teaching myself as the series progresses. To see the posts for this series, go to Contents by Topic and look under "Corporations."

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