About the Blogger

I am the main co-author of Cultural Bases of Racism and Group Oppression. Published in 1975, it continues to be referenced by writers who critique historical cultural norms of "Western" culture. Though out-of-print, used copies are still being sold. To learn more about it, go to JohnLHodge.com and click on the "Writings" page.

My most recently published books are
  • Jim Crow of the Mind and the New State Laws Designed to Preserve the Idea of White Male Supremacy (2023)
  • Presidential Racism: The Words of U.S. Presidents Since the Civil War; And an Essay: The Enduring Anti-Democratic Disease Afflicting us--And Its Cure (2020)
  • Overcoming the Lie of "Race": A Personal, Philosophical, and Political Perspective (Second edition, 2017). 
To learn more about them, go to JohnLHodge.com.

I published Dialogues on God: Three Views, a concise discussion of why religion and politics must be separated in a democracy. Again, go to JohnLHodge.com for more information.

I also published How We Are Our Enemy—And How to Stop: Our Unfinished Task of Fulfilling the Values of Democracy. This book provides both a critique of our society as it presently exists and a vision of where we should be headed. It explains that the principle of human equality is rooted in a well-known ethical principle, thus connecting politics and ethics. To get more information about it, go to JohnLHodge.com and also see the book’s page, that includes customer reviews, on Amazon.com. Published in 2011, it is even more relevant today when democracy is being threatened by the very government that is supposed to protect it.

For more information about me and my other published writings, go to my website at JohnLHodge.com or to my author's page on Amazon.com.