Thursday, February 20, 2014

Website Restored: How to Get There; How to Protect Your Website

My website at has been restored.

But you may need to go to instead if you have visited in the past and are using the same browser. If so, the browser you used before to connect to has a memory and may try to redirect you to the old website that no longer exists. You avoid this problem by adding the "www." You can also avoid this problem by using another browser or by emptying your browser's cache (directions here).

PLEASE NOTE: Hacking is an international sport. People all over the world do it for "fun." If you have a website using WordPress or Joomla, you can protect yourself by updating to the latest version. The latest versions of WordPress and Joomla have additional security features. Be sure to use a long password without extensive repetition of characters. When you update, be sure that your theme or template is compatible with the latest version. Also, before updating, copy your website files and take other advised precautions. Do not wait to update.