Friday, December 15, 2017

Using the social construct, most people are "mixed-race"

     In the letter below that was published in the The Boston Globe, I propose that a way to undermine the ubiquitous false concept of "race" is to use that concept to reveal that most people, including "whites," are "mixed-race." In other words, they are "mixed-race" if we apply the social construct of "race." They are not "mixed-race" biologically, because biological "races" do not exist in any way resembling the generally accepted idea of "race." As I said in my New York Times response letter, "When you mix two myths, you get a third myth." So, since biological "races" do not exist, no one is biologically "mixed-race."
     The Globe editors removed some of my quotation marks around "racial" terms. My policy is to put all "racial" terms in quotation marks to indicate that these terms refer to generally accepted false concepts. Nonetheless, the letter as edited makes the point that I intended to make.

The factual underpinnings of this letter are contained in my book, Overcoming the Lie of "Race."