Sunday, September 16, 2012

Get Religion out of Politics: Part I

Here is my letter that the Boston Globe published today in its "Ideas" section, page K9 (the title is the Globe's):

With 'God' on our side, we've blundered into wars

Beliefs in God should be personal, not political ([responding to Jeff Jacoby's] “Faith enriches politics, on both sides,” Op-ed, Sept. 9 [Boston Globe, Page K9]). When we identify our political views with God, we are doing nothing more that asserting, “We are right.” This assertion generally implies that those who have other views are wrong.
            By believing that we are “under God,” we are more likely to become belligerent and impetuously go to war against “evil.” Appealing to God in the struggle against “evil,” President George W. Bush led the nation into disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There was relatively little public protest at the time. How do you protest against God and in support of evil?
            If we get God out of politics and stop identifying God with America, we will become more open-minded, less belligerent, and give greater consideration to opposing points of view. 
            Such political and social open-mindedness is essential in our diverse world.

John L. Hodge
Jamaica Plain